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Stone primevally one of the dormant resources in mines has been used more gradually It is booming up currently and becoming more common globally As an emerging powerfully applicable economy it is being used in the facade of the buildings and ornamental purposes . This has forced domestic manufacturers of stone Machinery to have more serious competition with their overseas rivals for better showing off their precious products. With over 20 years of experience Mahan Machinery Manufacturing CO is one of few stone . Machinery Manufacturers which is producing various types of stone machinery This factory has employed a highly skilled team of Design Engineers technicians who have utilized most cutting - edge global technology and has successfully made machinery comparable to its overseas competing rivals It is to be mentioned that the company has been granted ISO 9001 certificate from Guay Audit Limited in and has received TUV Certificate in 2013

About Mahan Company

Which has made the factory more 2008 determined and diligent toward achieving its goals Eventually Mahan Machinery Manufacturing Co relying on Gods mercifulness and its own expertise is striving to satisfy its customers even more and accomplish this mission victoriously

Introduction of company

With the aim of manufacturing & exporting Stone Processing Machinery and utilizing modern engineering
sciences and experienced engineers knowledge Mahan Factory was established in 1375 . Improving
quantitative and qualitative standards of its products comparable to those of international rivals has
led us to successfully exporting to most Middle Easterners and African countriesin between 1385 to 1393
for the time being in an area of 8000 square meter the factory managed to produce more than 20 types of
different machinery based on global quality

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