10-head slab polishing new


Electronic specifications

Equipped with 64 sensitive sensors at its feeding inlet this device is capable of sensing the Positining of the stone and its dimensions fully automated PLC logic not only distinguishes different angles of stone to the height of the bit polisher but it also is able to operate heads rising & falling within the least height and tim which leads to more quality and speed Horizontal course is inverted and uses a special logic to pull out the disc/plate out the width of the stone

  Technical specifications

New Gullets Design takes advantage of a type of disc/plate with a diameter of 580 mm & 9 bits out of which 6 of them move in the disc periphery and 3 others spin at its center which yields premium quality and highest efficiency at the surface of the stone the gullets shafts are creamy and glossy to be anti-abrasion The maximum applicable course is 2000 mm which is taken within the least possible time by the device The gullets are empowered by pneumatic system & have 15 steam horses force


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